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Lu Yunqing curled his mouth, and eyes confused stare at dumbfounded, mouth and even slide filar silk water streamed down the waiter..

Hey, stupid, not boy, is not seen the gu so nice girl! Lu Yunqing did not pay attention to posture, pleasant-sounding voice out is a let most people stunned expression..

A bar waiter only a decade or two years old, like fresh out of the campus practice of college students, the appearance of a vice by flirt, should immediately become embarrassed, on both sides of the cheek red a piece..

You, you really is very good-looking, compared with the goddess sora aoi teacher in my mind is not hard to make more..

Face was red, waiter hurriedly poured a glass of wine, but did not raise its head again look, glancing at a glance from time to time. Let Coach factory sale laughing, has a charm of staring at him. But after hearing the name of the sora aoi, not from the face of a change..

Hum, what do you mean, am I not that big bobo Japanese girl sora aoi good-looking! I really don't know what's wrong with you these people, all of her as the goddess, in my opinion to her maid, almost to the prosperity and stability between the two countries, and she want to sacrifice appease you these lonely Chinese men as own duty, am I right!!!! Would you agree?.

Bold colorblocking has a striking effect on this chic, minimalist silhouette—a smaller-scale version of the Borough Bag with all the sophistication of the original. The design is finished with naturally tanned leather on the handles and strap and edgy exposed zippers. The waiter seems really fooled by her, subconsciously raised his hands.